In harmony with environment-2


In my last blog, I talked of a fundamental problem in our relationship with our environment(s). Please excuse me for my choice of vocabulary as it is biased by my background (as a scientist, I view everything around me as a “why” and “when” and “how”)!

Well, I am expected to be “in harmony with my environment”. It is something that our conscience picked up ever since we were able to think. But what do I do when the environment I am living in is changing? It is a tricky affair.

If I follow the “in harmony” dogma in my mind, I will have to change myself with the environment. That means, say, if everyone in my circle of friends is abusing drugs I’ll also do it as I have to be in harmony with them! Well, that is not ethical is it, …. well not for me at least.

On the contrary, let’s say the environment is changing due to some catastrophic events as those happened about 65 million years before present (or at the end of the Cretaceous Era). A common scientific hypothesis that explains the extinction of dinosaurs is by their inability to cope with the changing environment at that time. But those, for example the mammals, who could adapt to the changes survived and flourished! In other words they changed themselves to be “in harmony” with the changing environment.

The distinction between the “changes to be in harmony” with the environment in the two examples above is very clear. Although both of them are two traits of evolution, one is “destructive” and the other is “constructive”. I guess the logical option for one is then to understand this distinction at all stages of our evolution and steer ourselves through them.

Well, evolution is another interesting topic, may be I’ll come back to that sometime (I am a great fan of the way our solar system, the planets evolved in the universe)!

Please feel free to drop a comment that will make me think more on this interesting topic.


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