It's a beautiful world

In harmony with environment

(: This is my first blog so please bear with me 🙂

In line of what I said in my bio or AboutMe page (, our environment shapes us from the little child our parents brought to this world. At the same time we shape our environment(s) in our ways- some are constructive while others destructive. Well, let’s not talk about global warming, pollution ….. . etc., I deal with those at work and some times in my sleep!

One of the old Hindu scriptures suggests “You should be like a cork in a sea of water- moving up and down with the waves…”. In other words, you live in “harmony” with your environment. I am sure, all other philosophies in the world try to preach this simple thought in different forms. Darwin formalized it in his theory of evolution. Life on our planet evolved in “harmony” with changes in the environment. Those who could not face the ”changes” were extinct. It’s interesting that we all follow this rule without often realizing it! What would you do when it is cold in your house? Obviously grab a blanket and cover yourself!

So “harmony with your environment’ is the key.

But something that confuses me is what would you do when the environment is going in the wrong direction? For example, when you find your favorite friend-circle is starting in a wrong direction such as drug abuse you don’t “really” jump into it, do you! Yet you feel confused to ignore and leave them!

We know the story of Galileo. Galileo did not find himself “in harmony” with the prevailing scientific thinking at his time. He tried to be bold about his ideas which did cost him dearly! But his sacrifices led to revolutions that shaped modern science.

In other words, “how” and “when” do we cross the thin line between “harmony-Yes” and “harmony-No” (excuse me for picking up such vocabulary here) and what would be the strategy?

.. well I’ll give it a thought in my next blog…..would love to hear your views too.


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