The most exciting thing about being “us” is the ability to learn new things, think, imagine… and (most of all) analyse the world around us. Remove the influences of the environment we grow in or live with, believe me, we all are the same. In the core, we are highly sophisticated “creates”* that are capable of technical and intellectual miracles. I want to live my life with this simple thought.

Nothing impressed me more than the two things I came across in my life- “camera” and “mass spectrometer”. These are amazing devices we’ve built that help us explore the Nature. I have a phone with a tiny camera and a novice Nikon D3000 that I use for photography. I study isotopes of inert gases (like helium) and use my intellect to understand the way planets like earth formed and evolved in time, to look for safe ways of disposing nuclear waste, to understand ground waters, and to monitor nuclear pollution in the environment. I love to develop analytical solutions for my scientific experiments and computer programming to do routine works and my calculations.

And of course, I care for the environment. I bike to my work or use the public transport (when I cannot bike in rain or snow). I use my car only when I need it. I love to learn and discuss on various topics.
(:*love that phrase ..picked it up from Ice Age!:)


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